Shalom to all,

For the first time in 2000 years we have a guest house in Maale Levona,  the "Tzimmer," the very place where Micha hosted travelers (Judges 17).

"Lina BaSelah" is a tastefully furnished guest unit for couples only!

No children – you're on vacation…

Cook for yourselves with the well-equipped kitchen …if you want …or let us pamper you with great meals.

Enjoy the amazing overlook of Shomron from a large deck, with a garden of fruit trees facing you. Your private pool/mikve is dug into the natural rock.

Maale Levona and its surroundings are loaded with historical and biblical sites, such as Tel Shilo; wineries and springs, artisans and communities, which you can visit to enrich your stay.

Please, share this note with your friends, and help put Shomron on the tourism map.

We look forward to hosting you!

Aviva and Yossi Maimon

Maale Levona


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